Memoirs of a Villager

William Hardham

William James Hardham was born in Wellington, New Zealand, on 31 July 1876, the son of George Hardham, a labourer, and his wife, Ann Gregory. After attending Mount Cook School, Hardham became a blacksmith. He was a talented rugby player, about five feet nine inches tall, weighing 12 stone, a 'fast dashing forward, full of go from kick-off to cease play'. Read more

Roy Hewson

I joined Petone Rugby Club as a 4th grade player in 1948. I had played some games in both 6th grade and 5th grade while my college team was on holiday. Petone had a great team which was standard for Petone Age Grade in those days and we always expected to win the Championship. Read more

Tim Copeland

In February 1995 myself and another ‘Pommie’, Joe Nasson (memoirs already published) left our homes in York on a frosty February morning to embark on a 7 month trip down under to New Zealand. We were both just 18 and it was our first time away from home for any real length of time. Read more

John Ogilvie

Many will remember that Bob Scott arrived to play in Petone in 1954, and all are aware of the impact he had, and still has in regularly attending "Old Farts" evenings. What will not be as well known is the the Junior Firsts won their grade that year under coach Tom TePuni, whom I had played with in the Seniors... Read more

Murray Blandford

My memories and connection with the Petone Rugby Football Club started as a five year old in 1965 when I spent the first of a few years in the ‘bantam’ grade. My family lived in Korokoro and my coach Bill Ridley used to pile us in the back of his 2 door green Hillman van for practices in the sawdust gym. Read more

Joe Nasson

Tom Copeland and I only played one season with the U19’s under coach Gary French, but the time with the Petone Rugby Club really left its mark. We keep in touch with a few our teammates and recently saw Richard Mead who still plays for Petone Senior 3’s. He came to visit us here in the UK. Read more

John Leslie

The following article was written by John Leslie and appeared in the Leslie Rugby monthly news letter, John grew up knowing Bob and was no doubt handed some useful tips by the Master I recently caught up with legendary rugby player Bob Scott and got his thoughts on his time at his Ponsonby and Petone, Rugby Clubs back in the... Read more

Thomas "Tank" Tupuivao

Thomas ‘Tank’ Tupuivao - 150th Game for PRFC Prems. The Petone Premier Rugby team's buildup to their important round eight Swindale Shield match was pretty much how it always is. Well planned out by the Management team with everyone expected to follow the timetable, as it has been drawn up. Read more

Chas DeVerna

As I sit in my backyard, recovering from a 4th knee operation, watching spring roll in... a glass of Jameson's in one hand, a nice Corona Cigar in the other... I drift to one of the great memories of my life...looking at the cherry blossoms bloom into the evening, a game of rugby, representing Boston College Bald Eagles versus a... Read more

Alex Veysey

Rugby writer Alex Veysey died on 8th March 2001 aged 74 He wrote for cricket in the summer however it was his contribution to rugby writing that Veysey made his greatest mark. He served as The Dominion's rugby writer for many years and was seconded by the New Zealand Press Association to cover several tours, most notably the 1963/64 All... Read more

Dave Linkhorn

“What’s your name son and where are you from? “ Read more

Mike Clamp

I suppose you can say I’m a Petone boy true and blue. My grandparents on the Clamp side of the family settled in Cuba Street in Petone in the early part of the century after arriving from England. My Dad, Mike Camp Senior, was born, raised and lived in Petone all his life and has just recently moved over the... Read more

All Golds

The Petone Rugby Club played a huge part in the soon to be celebrated ‘All Golds Tour’ 100 years ago. This story tells how it all came about. Rugby League celebrates its Centennial Year surviving two World Wars plus the wrath and life bans from the New Zealand Rugby Union for nearly 90 years. Read more

Les and Marie Everson

I am quite sure it hasn’t escaped notice but it intrigues me that the Petone Rugby Club, in addition to many other ‘firsts’, enjoys a special claim to a unique achievement. I doubt if any Rugby club anywhere in New Zealand can match such a rare instance, I refer of course to the fact both Les Everson and his wife... Read more

R.W.H.(Bob) Scott

Bob is now 86 years of age but in his life age counts for very little and certainly does not stop him doing things that would deter most people of his age. Read more


Heres a story from the USA written by a guy trying to explain what he knows about rugby. As a kid, I played lots of sports on a somewhat competitive level. This peaked during eighth grade when I was simultaneously playing baseball, basketball and tennis on teams and spent my entire Saturday playing roller hockey. Read more

Ian Upston

Never known as anything but ‘Uppy’ or ‘Perce’ Ian Upston created a record coaching the Petone seniors during the 1967-76 seasons that will probably never be surpassed because during those years his teams were successful in winning the Jubilee Cup on seven occasions. Read more

Norm Haddy

Of enormous benefit to the Petone Rugby Club over the past many years has been the willingness of members to give so much of their time to ensure the well-being of the organisation and helping maintain its reputation as an example to other amateur sporting bodies and it has certainly been time generously given well beyond the call of duty. Read more

Jason O'Halloran

I guess as far as a memory from schoolboy rugby goes I can certainly recall the excitement attached to being appointed as a ball boy to one of the "Senior A" games as they were known all those years ago. Back in the early 80's I can recall my favourites being Hewie, Mike Clamp and Peter Green, who always seemed... Read more

Alan Martin

Alan 'Wango' Martin was a very good clubman and flanker for the Petone Club through the 70's and early 80's captaining the team on many occasions including the Club tour to Japan. Alan has proved to be successful in business as well and is the CEO of leading project company Ebert Construction. Read more

Joe Wambold

Dear friends: My name is Joe Wambold; I played for the Traverse Bay Blues Rugby Club from Traverse City Michigan, which is about 200 miles northwest of Detroit, in one of the most beautiful parts of Michigan. Read more

John Grace

It seemed like the end of an era when at the recent Petone RFC annual general meeting John Grace declined nomination for the office of membership secretary, a position he has held since 1963. His decision was something of a surprise to most members because in fact John’s lengthy tenure of the position was almost taken for granted because he... Read more

John Dougan

John Patrick Dougan was born in Lower Hutt Hospital on the 22nd December 1946 The first born of Burt and Doreen Dougan’s four children. John lived with his parents and siblings Robert, Susan and Debra in Hughes Crescent just behind the old Taita Hotel. Family, school, sport and music were John’s life, with rugby and cricket being his two main sports. Read more

Tana Umaga

We ran this article earlier in the year on our news page we now feel it deserves to be a 'Memoirs of a Villager' feature. Amanda Spratt NZ Herald on Sunday - Mar 16 2006, 11:01 am One Sunday in 1970s Wainuiomata, Tauese and Ropati Umaga went off to church. Read more

Grant Batty

Grant Batty was one of the smallest yet feistiest All Blacks of all time and played in many Petone v MSP games for the Scarlets. During his time in Wellington he wrote a regular column, this one appeared at the start of the 1979 season. Murray Blandford was recently handed a scrapbook kept by our current Patron Bim Blandford during... Read more

Clint Brown

With the Tech reunion coming up next weekend we profile another ex pupil from that great learning facility. For the last 17 years Clint Brown has been an ever present on our TV screens bringing us the Sport’s news but he has resigned from this position and is moving on to greener pastures this week he was farewelled by TV... Read more

Bob Howitt

This coming Labour Weekend that great school Hutt Valley Memorial Technical College more commonly known to those in the Hutt as ‘Petone Tech’ is having a reunion for no other reason than to celebrate the memory of a College mis-understood by everyone that didn’t go there and now cherished by those that did, if not while we were students. Read more

Don McIntosh

Perhaps a caveat might be registered against the property situated at 51 Randwick Crescent as an historic place, for it was in a front room in that house where a notable Petone All Black was born on April Fools Day, 1931. Donald Neil McIntosh established a wonderful record during his rugby career. Read more


In our time, it was "the village". I was sorry to hear that it is now part of something called "Hutt City". So it's good to hear that, even so, it is still known as the village. Rugby was always an important part of Petone life. There wasn't any false sense of modesty about that. Read more