Mezzanine Memorabilia Room

Three years of planning, conceptualising, design and development came to a successful conclusion on April 10th, 2010 when the Memorabilia Room was formally opened by club Patron, Roy Hewson.

The Memorabilia Team of Grahame Delaney, Peter Ross and Gary Lewis were very quick to recognise the efforts of previous Memorabilia Committees who had fastidiously recorded the club's history over the years. 

A significant driver for the project was the 125th Anniversary, however, as material for the displays was researched and various storerooms "rifled-through", it quickly became apparent that some of our historic treasures were deteriorating in storage areas that could only politely be described as, inadequate.

The Executive Committee had talked about digitising / archiving our photographic history prior to discovering the state they were in and as if to sound a warning, the historic Maranui Surf Club building in Evans Bay burnt down, destroying much of their memorabilia - some will be lost forever. That was the catalyst and as a result, the digitising / archiving program was completed. Electronic versions are now being used on the technology (touch screens) in the Memorabilia Room - you are able to search for anyone who has been in a Championship-Winning Team, by name. 

The Memorabilia Room is a fabulous addition to the club and has resulted in over 120 photos being displayed that were previously hidden away - 300 more are now stored in more appropriate conditions. Silverware, Caps, Medals, significant and not-so-significant pieces are also displayed, all adding to the character and stories that are told in the five individual cabinets.

Each cabinet represents a period in the club's history as follows:

1885 - 1919 The Formative Years

1920 - 1945 Between The Wars

1946 - 1976 Champion Of Champions

1976 - 1999 Years Of Change

2000 - Into the Future 

Without the tenacity and single-minded-vision of then Chairman, Bryan Yeoman, this project would not have completed and achieve the accolades it has. During the 125th Anniversary weekend, Sky and Maori Television crews were in the club catching all the action. The Sky Producer made the comment that all he needed for their show was 30 minutes of material whereas in fact he had enough for a 2 hour show with the crowning glory being the Memorabilia Room - "it is just fantastic!"

The Memorabilia Room is open most days for viewing - please contact the office to make sure someone is available to show you around.