Frequently Asked Questions

Will we lose our clubrooms?

The PRFC Clubrooms will be handed over to Sportsville, we will no longer have ownership. No discussions have yet agreed on what value the building has although several Sportsville representatives have stated that it is worthless. Tennis and Bowls will be expected to do the same with their facilities.

What do we stand to gain from the arrangement?

PRFC will be a member club of Petone Sportsville. Sportsville's role is to manage the facility, play a Governance role, leverage combined club membership numbers to get trust funding, handle all building maintenance issues.....member clubs can focus on playing sport. Sportsville says that (in other instances) there is a cross pollination of membership and there will be an increase in member numbers - this remains to be seen.

What Clubs are included in the Petone Sportsville?

Clubs located around North Park (Tennis, Bowls, Swimming, Rugby,) while others (Cricket and Harriers) are located on Petone Rec.

Gym Sports Hutt Valley is also a member and currently operates from leased warehouse space in Gracefield.

Petone Hockey is also a member.

What about other clubs like Soccer, League, He Toa Sports, Rowing etc?

There are many other clubs in the Petone area, they have not been included nor consulted or invited to join - as far as we are aware there is no over-arching strategy for Sportsville across Petone nor indeed, the wider Hutt City.

What about Scouts, Plunket and eg. non-sporting organisations?

We are not aware of other organisations being approached but that doesn't mean they weren't. The St. Augustines Scout Troop, Hutt City Rovers Crew, Air Training Corps, Plunket (and there are many more organisations) are nearby.

We understand there has been contact with the Petone Workingmens Club but no consultation entered into.

Early discussions had also involved Weltec.

Are there plans to purchase the Masonic Hall and include this space in the Sports Hub

Not as far as we are aware.

Are there options other than Sportsville?

Yes there are several.

1. We could remain as we are. The feeling is that we would need to be working hard on succession planning and building our future plans.

2. Poneke Rugby Club - Toitu Poneke Hub

3. International Investment - there are several options, more later.

4. Local partnerships - eg. Petone Workingmens Club. Significant tract of land belonging to the PWMC runs adjacent to the PRFC Clubrooms. We are in discussion with PWMC considering options.

But haven't we been down this road before with PSA and PWMC?

Yes we have, quite a number of years ago but a lot of change has occurred politically and community-wise since then.

Petone Sports Association: Combined PRFC, Petone Cricket and Railways Softball under one Constitution - each club retained its autonomy. Some consider this to have been an idea before its time but a clash of cultures mainly between Softball and Cricket, eventually saw the arrangement collapse.

PWMC: We moved our functions (aftermatch, end-of-season, meetings) to the PWMC premises. The arrangement was a good one but primarily because of a clash of cultures, the clubs never really sat very well.

What are the views of other clubs?

We can't speak for the other clubs - if you have friends or acquaintances who are members there please speak with them.

All Clubs signed a letter agreeing IN PRINCIPLE with the Sportsville concept.

However, recent discussion with one club's Chair and Deputy Chair indicates that they believe the project will not go ahead and while they signed the letter IN PRINCIPLE, we believe they will not proceed.

Other Clubs are fully supportive as far as we know.

Why can't you make a recommendation for our members?

A sub-committee was established in June last year. It has continually requested information of Sportsville particularly with regard to the strategies and plans required.

To date Sportsville has not provided the information sought so it is not possible to make a recommendation either way. One could argue that with no information, it follows that the status quo remains.