PSV - The Negatives

The views held here are those of the PRFC sub-committee in consultation with the Executive Committee of the Petone Rugby Football Club.

We have the well-being and future of the PRFC to consider when working through these issues and you need to decide if the impact of these issues is acceptable or if it is too great a risk to proceed.



1. The handing over of the Petone rugby clubs assets – the building – with no recompense!

2. Petone Rugby the Bowling Club and the Tennis club will contribute a lot more to the concept by the expectation that they will relinquish their assets, whilst all other clubs will come into Sportsville seemingly, on a free ride.

The Cricket club will get their own private facilities on the Petone Rec, free of charge, as will the Gymnastics and Harriers.

What is their contribution to Sportsville?

3. From a governance perspective there has been no consultation regarding a Constitution for all involved

4. The new Sportsville building will belong to the Hutt City Council and we would have to pay for the privilege of using it. Those costs are unknown to us at this time.

5. The project lacks any strategic direction for the future – it basically will sit in a small area of Petone restricted by private residential dwellings and commercially run businesses. The resultant lack of space will prevent any room for growth.

6. After looking at the proposed design plans we believe North Park is far too small to host a concept such as Sportsville. The proposed green playing area is not big enough and by over sectoring the playing field into different independent usage of the ground, means that the flexibility of the ground will be sacrificed for all the additional parking required and the new playing areas. This means that the re-positioning of the tennis and bowls playing areas will restrict the overall use of North Park as a social sporting area which currently hosts many events during the year.

Note: the recent weekend where PRFC hosted Club Newman from Argentina would NOT have been able to fit on the proposed new layout.

7. No real understanding of the Operation of the concept and how it will work in real time.

We have not seen an Operational Plan and the Management Plan that has been presented was a "cut-and-paste" document, high-level conceptual plan. No consultation has been entered in to.

We understand that Sportville will run the bar and the day-to-day mangement of the facility. The bar-take will be Sportsville's. PRFC's bar-take has actually declined over the years due to many factors but we have created other income streams that we will be expected to hand over to Sportsville. Note: Sponsorships are retained by each individual club.

8. Petone Rugby will have very little say in the running of the organisation and will not have "free" access to what has been their traditional facilities over the years.

9. Planned social activities will need to be negotiated with the Sportsville Management, whilst any Social groups such as visiting international rugby teams and supporters plus NZRFU and WRFU activities will have to take their chances with whatever the bookings are at that time?

10. Sportsville Management will be chosen by the Hutt City Council. They will be a paid group of people whose salaries will be paid for by the associated clubs and/or the money that is generated from the business. It is understood that Sportsville will be expected to stand on its own financial feet.

We have not seen a business plan.
11. Currently the Council have copies of all the Clubs financial information upon which – presumably – they will structure their charges in accordance to the income based on each associated club member? Probably this is more a question than a statement, but then why have the Council been given the annual financial statements of our club rather than work out the real costs based on the merits of the project itself?

12. We have reservations about the new building – it should cater for boxing, table tennis, darts, martial arts and other indoor sports. At the least it should be a full two storied structure.

13.  The placement of the cricket nets in the middle of the park flies in the face of health and safety – in this case the affected area will be the rugby training ground. During the months of January to the end of March, rugby and cricket will personally endanger each other with their activities, from cricket balls flying around and rugby players undertaking pre-season training. From a sport point of view it is much more logical to have the cricket nets where the cricketers congregate and where their equipment is stored for easy access – on the Petone Rec!! To say that the reason behind having the nets on North Park is to encourage or commit the cricket people to use the new building is somewhat wishful thinking. People at the end of the day will go where they want to go.

14.  To be able to future-proof the concept from an expansion perspective, could likely mean that the Petone Working Men’s Club would need to be consulted and encouraged to become an integral part of the overall concept. To date – although the Sportsville says they have consulted with PWMC, according to the PWMC executive, they have not been consulted.


Concerns (Supplied by Petone Sportsville)

Member clubs and PSV required to raise $3.5 million - this has been pushed back from 2017 to 2020.

Facilities owned by HCC/CFT.

Loss of heritage/sense of self

Restricted use of facilities

CFT lease charged to member clubs

Loss of bar revenue

Impact of PSV sponsorship/grants on member club sponsorship/grants

Hiring costs of facility use over and above agreed annual usage.

Operational model detail outside the broad detail already provided