PSV - The Positives

Petone Sportsville is a partnership initiative to bring Petone sports clubs together, sharing ideas, resources, knowledge and skills, and boosting sports participation in our area

The Positives (Supplied by Petone Sportsville)

Grant of $7.5 million over the period 2023 to 2025

Sate of the art modern facilities which include new training lights, expanded clubrooms and new training field.

Attractive facilities for RSO ( WRU, WCA etc)

Increased membership through interaction between member clubs and attractive facilities that have a high community profile.

All large capital costs including depreciation the responsibility of the HCC/CFT.

Retention of overall green space on North park and no impact on the Petone Recreation ground.

Operating costs and overall management of the facility is the responsibility of the PSV staff that report to a multi skilled Board.

Expanded use of facilities and attraction of other member clubs.

Simplification of liquor licencing compliance.

Complex used 7 days per week up to 15 hours per day

Member Clubs concentrate on their own sport

Petone Rugby Football Club Sub-Committe view:

It could benefit associated clubs providing the concept is run with the best interests of the clubs involved.

In short, we agree with the concept but advise caution especially in light of other projects (eg. McKenzie Baths) and the issues that have been and are being experienced with Hutt Rec and Fraser Park Sportsville.

It will alleviate the effort of running the bar in all clubs and will remove some of the volunteer effort required.

The bringing together of different sporting clubs is kind of exciting and perhaps offers a lot of different diversities in training and approaches within the different sports. There is no doubt if this is done right it can benefit the wider community and may help get kids away from their play stations etc.